What is Kombucha Tea?

What is Kombucha Tea?

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Kombucha tea is made from yeast, sugar, and fermented black or green tea. It is sweet and carbonated. Its exact origin is not clear but it is thought to have originated from China. It is popular because of great taste and amazing health benefits. It is rich in probiotics which are good for the body.

Health Benefits of this tea

It Promotes Detoxification

  • It Promotes Detoxification

Kombucha UK has lots of Glucaric acid which promotes natural detoxification of the liver. It helps with digestion of food and, therefore, contributes to the release of energy fast.

It Promotes Joint Health

  • It Promotes Joint Health

The glucosamine present in kombucha help in supporting the health of joints. It may be used to reduce pain for people with joint problems.

It Is Rich In Probiotics

  • It Is Rich In Probiotics

During the process of fermentation to make the tea, a large amount of probiotic bacteria is produced. They help improve digestion, reduce inflammation, and they may even help to prevent obesity.

It Is Rich In Antioxidants

  • It Is Rich In Antioxidants

Kombucha tea is filled with antioxidants which help the body to fight free radicals and molecules that could be harmful to your body cells.

How to Brew Kobucha

  • Add your tea, sugar, and pasteurized apple-cider vinegar to water
  • Use culture to ferment it for at least seven days. Keep the temperature warm
  • Strain the tea off and let it cool in the refrigerator
  • Drink it when it is cold

For the best tasting UK tea, use regular white refine sugar. You can use green or black tea. It contains a little bit of alcohol, less than one percent, because of the fermentation process.

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