Moonshine preparation stages

Moonshine preparation stages

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There are basic recommendations on how to prepare moonshine. And in this article we are going to provide a full guide of principles.

First of all, you need to be sure you have high-quality equipment as it influences the process and quality of the final product. For making the majority of homebrew drinks you will need a copper still.

And here are stages you need to come within the process:

  • Make a mash.
  • Check the fermentation process.
  • Distill homebrew to remove harmful fractions.
  • Purify the received moonshine.
  • Filter the final product.
  • Soften the product.

For a start, it is only necessary to follow the stages above and learn additional information about moonshine making to grind and improve your own skills step by step.

Equipment for home alcohol distillation

Everything is quite simple: the moonshine still is the main unit you need. It can be bought or made on your own from a pressure cooker, a can and even a usual 3-liter jar. However, it is better to purchase for home moonshining more advanced equipment provided with a dephlegmator and other items. However for
a start, it is enough to have a model that consists of:

  • a distilling tank;
  • tubes for removal of steam;
  • a condenser;
  • the receiver of alcohol-containing liquid.

As well as a still you will need additional tanks for mixing of products, fermentation, filtration and storing of alcoholic beverages. So large bottles, plastic tanks, covers will be also necessary. The alcoholometer and thermometer will be useful too as they allow to control the distillation process.

There are hundreds of various recipes of home-made beverages. Every user surely
tries to make something unique from available products. Basic types of homebrew drinks are:

  • based on sugar;
  • from starch (starch-containing products) with the addition of malt;
  • from grain crops;
  • from beans;
  • based on fruit and berries.

It is recommended to begin home moonshining from sugar-based recipes because it is quite easy to correct the process of brewing if something goes wrong.

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