Four Ways a Staycation is Better for Your Future Vacation Budgets

Four Ways a Staycation is Better for Your Future Vacation Budgets

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When you have a few days off from work, what do you plan to do? Go on a small vacation? Or, would you rather spend your time at home with the shades drawn and your feet up? Either option is relaxation city, but there are definitely more financial benefits to a staycation.

Pack Away More Savings Towards Your Big Dream Vacation

Instead of plotting a small vacay away, save up for your big dream vacation. Have a staycation at home and pack away the money you would have spent on a mini weekend getaway. Over time, this cash will add up, giving you a bigger budget for your dream destination when you have more than a few days to spare.

Do Whatever You Want at Home—Tell No One

When your coworkers or neighbors hear of your vacation time, they automatically assume you’re going somewhere awesome and load on one question after another. While you answer politely, the whole process can get annoying. So, stay home, and don’t tell anyone. Have some actual peace and quiet with the AC on, the shutters pulled, and your favorite stockpile of snacks, movies, and comfy chairs.

Or, Do Fun Things with Your Family by Exploring Your Own Hometown

If you prefer the family life over a solo staycation, opt for exploration of your hometown. Most people can live their entire lives in one place and never know the fun and attractions of their own city. So, do some research and find some cool stuff that you and your family can do in a weekend. Include some nice restaurants that you’ve always wanted to try.

Save Towards Something That You Want That You Would Have Otherwise Spent on a Hotel, Food, and Gas to Get There

If you have budgeted for a small getaway, but really don’t feel like going anywhere, gift yourself with something you really want instead. Spend your cash for hotel, travel food, and gas on something to refuel your passion in a lifelong hobby, like grill seasoning sets to amp up your next hosted backyard BBQ. Or, use it for the aforementioned exploration of your own city.

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