What makes someone a Master Potter?

What makes someone a Master Potter?

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Pottery was a very important part of people’s lives in earlier days when machinery and industrialization wasn’t as widespread as today. Pottery was a means of livelihood for people and to support their family. But nowadays, since everything is made by machines, pottery is fading from our lives. Pottery has become more of an art to be displayed in exhibitions. But it can’t be denied whether you do pottery for livelihood or as an artist, you need some level of mastery in it. So, what makes someone a Master Potter? Well at the Deneen Pottery, you can find the answer to that question.

Deneen Pottery is handmade stoneware founded by the Peter Deneen in the year 1972. The objective was to deliver highly attractive, functional, handmade stoneware like cups, mugs etc. to the clients. Peter is a Master Potter and that title isn’t something you can achieve by making 10-10,000 pieces of pottery. The teacher who taught you the art of pottery or the master of your trade will bestow upon you the right to call yourself master potter. The apprentices of the students learned their arts and crafts from the master in the trade of their choice. The master got cheap labor in exchange for providing food, housing and training in the crafts.

Through years of training, understanding and learning how to make a quality piece is what should a master potter aim for. Firm dedication and determination to never give up after failure is required to become a Master Potter. If you give up after a few failed attempts, then becoming a Master was never achievable for you in the first place and it’s better that you gave up on it rather than wasting more time. The founder of Deneen Pottery has mastered the craft of pottery and this is incorporated among all the craftsmen of Deneen Pottery to produce quality piece of arts.

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