Three Awesome Tips to Grill the Best Steak

Three Awesome Tips to Grill the Best Steak

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In terms of barbecue, steak on the grill is a common preference. However, mastering the grill takes more than just familiarity with fire.

There are a lot of kinds of steaks to choose from; however, you may only have little time to make a decision. But, having a guide before you start shopping for steaks can make a big difference in your experience. Here is a handy guide to help you find the best steak cuts for barbecue:

Pick the Right Meat

Grilling the perfect steak begins with choosing the right beef. When picking your steak, you have options such as Select, Choice and Prime meats with the prime being the highest quality meat. Also, there are cuts to choose from such as rib-eye, filet, T-Bone and NY strip. If you are not sure about the cut to choose, the Filets will not disappoint you. But, if you prioritize the flavor, you want to pick the Rib-eye.

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Season the Steak

When seasoning the steak, you need to use salt, pepper, butter and olive oil. Focus on this four to ensure the meat’s natural flavor will stand out. After seasoning the steak, let it rest for thirty minutes before cooking it. This allows enough time for the meat to absorb the flavor from the salt and cook evenly.

Sear your Steak

Searing your steak locks in the steak’s juiciness and flavors. This creates a mouth-watering outside crust and ensures the steak retains its natural juices. You have two options when searing the steak. First, you can use a good infrared grill or pan sear the steaks in your standard or charcoal grill ahead of time. But to come with a good sear, you need to use a good pan and get it really hot.

The perfect steaks and barbecues must not be overcooked. Rare to medium is good but anything beyond this is disappointing. If you have tried eating at great restaurants like Jarry Smoked Meat, you will the real definition of a perfect steak. While grilling and barbecuing are great cooking activities to gather your family and friends, eating out can make an occasion extra special.

Finding the right restaurant to have your favorite steak takes just some online research. After Googling what you are looking for, visit the restaurant’s website and check out their offerings. This provides you the luxury of time to choose your preferred menu in advance.