The Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

The Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

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The now popular rooibos tea has been consumed in South Africa for centuries. It has a reputation of a healthy beverage due to its lack of caffeine. It is however, most popular because many researchers term it as a strong antioxidant. This means it is used to protect users from deadly diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. You are probably enthused by the amazing benefits of antioxidant diets. To help you correctly analyze this beverage, we will explore the health benefits of Rooibos tea for you.

What is Rooibos Tea?

Commonly known as red tea in its indigenous land in South Africa, this traditional beverage is herbal. It is made using Aspalathus leaves found mostly on South Africa’s west coast.

Fermentation of the leaves first turns them into the famous red-brown color that you may be familiar with today. Other flavors and colors such as Green Rooibos are products of unfermented traditional Rooibos.

Unlike the common myth associating it to black tea; Rooibos tea is not related to black or green tea. Unfermented green Rooibos has a grassy flavor and is more costly compared to the common fermented red version. Most important is the fact that Green Rooibos has intensive antioxidant properties.  This coveted medicinal beverage has gained popularity around the world.

Most people consume Rooibos tea similar to the way they prepare black tea. Others prefer adding milk and sugar to taste. With excessive experimentation and innovation today, Rooibos beverage comes in iced tea, espressos, and cappuccinos in a rising number of countries.

The benefits of this beverage include;

Anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation is one of the root causes of a wide range of diseases. Feeding the body with necessary nutrients to fight inflammations is vital in the war of disease prevention. Rooibos tea ranks highly among the best natural anti-inflammatory agents. It helps protect your cells from damage by foreign radicals.

Quercetin present in both fermented and fresh green Rooibos tea has countless uses in your body. Its benefits range from prevention of heart-related diseases through limiting the possibility of hardening of arteries. This property helps the user avoid high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma, inflammation, viral infections, and ulcers. In elderly, it helps prevent cataracts, schizophrenia, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Aids in Digestion

Common foods we consume today cause surges in digestive disorders to people who live on junk. This is the same case in most urban regions of the world regardless of the diet culture of the region. Processed foods worsen your digestive system exposure to infections. The chemicals present in these foods are quick to harm your digestive system.

Rooibos tea is among the vital nutrient-rich foods that help your digestive system operate at optimum levels. The lack of harmful chemicals found in processed foods lets it thrive. Maintain your digestive health by consuming this beverage as an antioxidant.

Additional benefits especially among individuals with abdominal pains are that the tea acts as an anti-spasmodic substance. It also reduces the occurrence of diarrhea.

Supports of Strong Bones

Rooibos tea helps you build and sustain strong bones if you take it regularly. Presence of Manganese, Calcium, and Fluoride nourishes your bones for growth and development. Both versions of the tea are responsible for bone strength by increasing osteoblast activity.

What makes Rooibos tea beat all other beverages is the presence of Orientin and Luteolin flavonoids. They are responsible for increment of mineral content in your bones. Since it has no caffeine, it is the best substitute for patients restricted to take common traditional teas.

Treatment of Allergies

Quercetin present in the tea serves as a treatment for allergies. It has a great impact on the immune system to help a wide range of chronic problems including allergies. Quercetin hinders mast cells responsible for triggering allergic reactions. Allergies are among the most ignored yet stubborn conditions.

Several experiments have proven high effectivity of this tea comparable to the best medications against allergies. What makes this tea stand out is that it does not have side effects, as is the case with medication.

Healthy Skin and Hair

Alpha hydroxyl acid present in this beverage has amazing benefits for the human hair. Rooibos is therefore, a solution to dry skin and infections such as fungal dandruffs. This rare acid is best consumed raw. It contributes to reduction of wrinkles. Its anti-oxidant properties help repair hair follicles to prevent damage.

Other benefits of South African Rooibos tea are improvement of heart health and loss of weight. This explains the expansive role of antioxidant property of this beverage. Most importantly is the improved health of your kidneys. Cleaning up the kidneys is very vital not only to their health but to the general health of an individual. Since the kidneys are responsible for expulsion of toxins, they are vulnerable to accumulation of these unwanted harmful substances.


Unlike a popular belief about the benefits of this beverage, Rooibos tea is not a good source of either vitamins or minerals. Only copper and fluoride are present in both versions of the tea.


This article was brought to you by South African online food store – Saffatrading . Saffatrading sells South African food items to expats living overseas. Food and drinks include Rooibos tea, Biltong and other traditional South African food products.  In conclusion, Rooibos tea is vital for people of all ages and therefore, appropriate for family meals.  Use this tea to cleanse your blood system and ensure you keep low the chances of occurrence of heart diseases and circulation problems among your loved ones.

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