The CIEH level 3 Food Safety Course Online

The CIEH level 3 Food Safety Course Online

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Online is popular

Established food safety training companies like Food Alert offer Chartered Institute of Environmental Health courses which need to be taken in person and also those which have been created as e-learning training courses.

The online option is becoming ever more popular because it offers a convenient and cost effective food safety training solution for businesses.

Courses can be delivered via the office computer and the participant needs around 9 hours to complete the material and take a test.

This negates the need for travel and overnight stays which is helpful for part time workers who may have to incorporate work and training in to school hours.

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What does a level 3 qualification mean to an employer?

The CIEH level 3 food safety course online is the equivalent of A/AS level.

Level 2 is GCSE grades A*- C standard.

Level 1 is GCSE grades D-G equivalent.

What is the course content?

A food safety course online looks at food handling, preparation, manufacture and retail in more depth than at level 2 and gives the student knowledge to implement, maintain and manage food hygiene procedures. Legislation and methods are considered.

The CIEH course overview:

  • Legislation.
  • Good hygiene practices.
  • Pest control.
  • Temperature control.
  • Waste disposal.
  • Cleaning and disinfection.
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Food safety management tools.
  • HACCP – Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points.
  • Workplace design.
  • Equipment.

The test

Not many people enjoy taking tests but think of the end goal: a certificate that proves that you or your employee is trained in food safety to level 3 standard.

You’ll be glad to have the qualification even if you don’t like “school” work. The test is comprised of forty questions of which thirty-five must be answered correctly to pass.

The reward with a CIEH food safety course online is that within seconds of passing you can print the CIEH Certificate of Completion which makes the training and qualification process time efficient and satisfactory.


The cost is not prohibitive and the course content value far outweighs the fee for obtaining knowledge and facilitating practical procedures.

For around £150 you receive nine hours online training, a qualification and a sense of achievement.

People become more useful employees and if you or they seek to change employers the qualification will be a positive selling point on your CV.

Remember, a qualification earned today lasts to the benefit of every student for their future career.

Refresher course

As legislation is prone to alter, probable in the wake of Brexit, it is recommended by food safety training companies that a refresher course is taken every three years.

This prevents the business and the individual becoming ill informed and neglecting the most up to date legislation.

You don’t want to find out during a local authority/Food Standards Agency inspection that you are working outside of legislation so please be proactive.

Gain and renew knowledge with the CIEH food safety course online.

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