Grab Free Food with These Fast Food Apps

Grab Free Food with These Fast Food Apps

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These days everyone is using their cell phones to talk to their friends, message people and browse the Internet. Did you know that there are things you can do with a smartphone that can help you enjoy free food? There are many well-known restaurants and fast-food chains that offer freebies to you if download their apps.

Download the Free Food Apps

All you have to do is download the app of the said restaurant, fast-food chain or treat shop. The good news is that you won’t have to pay anything to download the app. Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android phone user; you will find it easy to download the app to your smartphone and start saving money on free food. The beautiful thing about downloading the app is that the downloaded app features coupons and discounts as well as special offers. That’s not all because these apps also offer some beneficial features like allowing you to order your food via your mobile phone.

So, the next time the temptation to enjoy a delicious hamburger or some refreshing ice cream overtakes you, all you need to do to satisfy your cravings is use your cell phone! There are a few handy apps that will enable you to get free food. Here is a brief look at these restaurants and their apps that reward their customers.

Buy One, Get One Free Burger

When you download Burger King’s “BK” app, you get instant access to very exclusive coupons that are regularly updated. Some of the offers that you can take advantage of include buy one, get one free deals. For example, if you buy a large classic fry then you get a choice of an Original Chicken Sandwich and a Whopper Junior for free.

Weekly Deals at McDonald’s

The nice thing about downloading the McDonald’s app is that it gives you weekly deals on the classics that we all know and love, as well as some of their newer menu items. A few exciting offers that have been available to people who have downloaded this app include getting free medium fries with every purchase! And, if you use this app to order beverages from the McCafe menu, your sixth drink will be given to you for FREE! Another huge plus to downloading the McDonald’s app is that you can order your food and drinks on the go and pick up your order from the closest McDonald’s location.

Free Ice Cream

Baskin Robbins offers some very exciting freebies to those who download their app. Doing so allows you to earn a scoop of ice cream. Plus, you gain access to various coupons and promotions that are available at different times of the year. With this app downloaded on your mobile phone, you will get regular updates on new products and flavors as well as the option to pay via your mobile phone.

Free Pretzel

Downloading the “My Pretzel Perks” app from Auntie Anne’s gives you a free pretzel when you make your first order via the app. The next time you place an order, you will start earning points that you can use for a free pretzel. This app also allows you to check out latest product news, restaurant discounts, deals and more!

Free Original Glazed Doughnut

As soon as you download this app and register your account with Krispy Kreme, you receive a free Original Glazed Doughnut. And, when your birthday comes around you will be given a gift. This app also allows you to locate stores and earn points with every purchase, which are redeemable for free menu items.

Free Pasty

Downloading the MyPanera app makes good sense because you’ll receive a free pastry with Panera’s Sweet Welcome Reward. Also, don’t forget to check the app on your birthday because you will have a free treat waiting to celebrate with you. And the more you visit a Panera location, the more rewards you earn.


If you have never tried the signature Slush from Sonic then now is the time to make up for it. Simply download the Sonic app, and you will get your first free Slush.

Free Original Sandwich

It makes sense to download the Lotz4Me Schlotzky app. As soon as the download is complete, you receive a free small Original Sandwich. Also, this app allows you to custom order your sandwiches in advance, and you earn $7 on every 7th visit to Schlotzky’s.

Free Milkshake

The Steak ‘n Shake Rewards app enables you to order menu items and pay for your order via your mobile phone. After completing your first mobile purchase, you get a free milkshake. And, every time you spend $50 you get a $5 credit on your app for future purchases.

$2 Discount

The nice thing about downloading the Jamba Juice app is that as soon as you use this app to make your first purchase, you will get $2 off that purchase! And, when you become a Jamba Juice Insider you will get a free smoothie or juice on your birthday. The app also allows you to track your reward points, browse the menu and order at any participating store.

Rita’s Ice mobile app

The Rita’s Ice mobile app from Rita’s Italian Ice starts to work as a digital reward card as soon as you download the app. And, after making eight purchases, just present the app to the store and get a free regular Italian Ice, Frozen Custard, or Gelati.

We hope you take advantage of the specials offered by these apps. If you know of any other great apps for free food, don’t be shy… Please mention them in the comments section below.