Five Reasons Why Every Chef Needs Sous Vide In Their Kitchen

Five Reasons Why Every Chef Needs Sous Vide In Their Kitchen

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If you’re a keen home chef, or even if you are a professional chef, if you are not cooking sous vide right now it is something that you absolutely have to give a try.

There are so many benefits to cooking sous vide, and we’re going to run through our top five to show you what is possible and why you need to introduce this method to your kitchen.

Cook to perfection

When cooking sous vide, it’s very difficult indeed to overcook your food. Even leaving it a few hours longer than needed usually does no harm, and you certainly don’t need to worry about anything burning.

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What’s even better is you don’t need to stand over your food and tend to it regularly – simply pop in a bag and immerse in the water bath and then you’re free to get on with other tasks without worrying about ruining your favourite pan or burning the house down.

It can save you money

While investing in the equipment is initially, of course, an investment, you can actually pick up a circulator such as The Twist from Sous Vide Tools for under £100.

Once you’re set up with the equipment you will find that you can save plenty of money. With sous vide, you can make even the cheapest cuts of meat melt in the mouth, which is a really economical way to eat well.

It’s also a really easy way to cook meaning you will waste less food. No longer will things go past their use by date because you didn’t have the time to prepare them, as setting up your sous vide machine only takes minutes.

It’s less washing up

With sous vide cooking there is so much less to clean up afterwards, which is a godsend particularly if you are cooking in a restaurant or have a large family to feed.

Aside from the dishes, you eat off, and perhaps a pan for searing, there isn’t too much washing up to do which will save you lots of time and hassle.

It’s great for batch cooking

One of the great benefits of sous vide is that you can submerge as many bags of food into the bath as you like so long as the water has room to circulate in between, which makes it perfect for batch cooking.

You can cook up several individually bagged portions of the same dish and freeze or refrigerate, or put several portions in one bag (so long as they form a single layer) for a family meal.

Or you could even marinate and bag up portions and freeze to cook sous vide at a later date. This is great for making the most of those bulk buy special offers!

Impress your guests

If you love throwing dinner parties, you could really up your game with sous vide. It makes more complex dishes like creme brûlée or custard effortless so you can whip up flawless versions of things you may have otherwise shied away from.

You can really recreate the fine dining experience at home with sous vide, and of all the cooking methods available we really think that sous vide brings the wow factor. We hope this has given you some insight into why you should give it a go yourself at home! If you need some inspiration, why not check out this video from Sous Vide Everything on their restaurant steaks experiment?

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