Enjoy the food that leaves your mouth watered

Enjoy the food that leaves your mouth watered

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If you are a foodie and love to try out different types of cuisines then you will surely become a die heart fan of the Polish cuisines. If you have visited Poland then you should not miss to try the local cuisines at this place. This is the place of exotic and traditional food which may make your tummy full but not your desire for food. Polish cuisines have come a long way through the centuries still you will continue to enjoy the same taste ever. This cuisine has some special factor that cannot be expressed in words rather you can count it on your taste buds.  

Specialty of Polish cuisines

A lot of restaurants are there in Poland and in some parts of Europe where you can find some of the dishes from the old traditional polish cuisine.  It will definitely motivate you to visit those restaurants and try out the best dishes there. Polish cuisine contains the richness of the calories and exotic flavours especially in the meat dishes.  The specialty of the polish cuisine is the tendered and mouth watering meat (pork, beef and chicken) and the delicious sausages.

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Dishes that you should try

Some of the popular Polish dishes that you must try out include:

  • Rosół – Chicken broth
  • Pierogi- A kind of Dumpling
  • Gołąbki- Cabbage roll
  • Bigos-A kind of stew
  • Kiełbasa- Sausage which is flavored with Caraway seeds
  • Plackni- Fried potato pancakes

There are many more dishes which are included in the Polish cuisines and served by various Polish restaurants.

Try out the vegetarian dishes

Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian. A lot of people believe that polish cuisines mainly include the meat based dishes only and there is nothing for the vegetarians. Well, a number of vegetarian dishes are also included in these cuisines which are equally tender and mouth watering as that of the meat dishes from Poland. At the Polish restaurants, you can easily find such dishes.

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