Barbadian Food-76 Foods To Try

Barbadian Food-76 Foods To Try

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Barbados is known for its year ‘round sun, sandy beaches and clear ocean waters. But did you know that Barbados is also one of the largest culinary centress of the Caribbean region? Barbadians also known as Bajans are proud of their food and you can find many unique delicacies at restaurants, beachside cafes and food trucks throughout the island.

If you ever wondered about culinaries offers , here are some foods you should try:

6 Barbadian Foods To Try

Cou Cou And Flying Fish- considered the national dish of the country, Cou Cou is flying fish stewed with garlic, fresh onion, tomatoes, pepper, thyme and accompanied with fresh okra and cornmeal grain, which is the Cou Cou.

Cutters- are called sandwiches in Barbados perfect for snacking. Using traditional barbadian bread called Salt bread that can then be made with various filling of your choice, such as pork, ham, cheese, fish and egg.

Fish Cakes- Fish cakes are very popular in Barbados and can be found in many places throughout the island, from street side vendors to 5-star restaurants. Fish cakes are a mix of salted cod fish, spices and local herbs, deep fried until crisp to a golden perfection.

Conkies- conkies are a special dessert from Barbados and it’s often made for the local Independence day in November. It’s made of cornmeal, pumpkins, coconut, sweet potatoes and spices, all wrapped in banana leaves.

Sweet Bread– is a sweet Barbadian delicacy with coconut as the primary ingredient, along with raisins, sugar and mixed spices.

Rum Cake- Barbadian people love their rum and, for that reason, it also becomes an ingredient for baked products. A popular dessert is called rum cake or black cake. It’s a type of fruit cake with flour, eggs, sugar, spice, citrus peel, nuts, dried fruit and of course, local dark rum.

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