A Guide to Choosing an Online Chinese Supermarket in London

A Guide to Choosing an Online Chinese Supermarket in London

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  • Why shop online?

The alarm rings! Signalling the prelude of morning chaos that ensues in millions of households. Children up, breakfast served, mustn’t forget to take the car in for service, but first have to find Gavin’s left shoe etc. etc.

This is merely a snapshot of the way so many of us lead our lives, full throttle from dawn to dusk. There are so many demands upon our valuable time; family and work commitments, the boiler’s on the blink, the bins need emptying and to make matters worse the mother-in-law is coming for the weekend!

On top of all these onerous obligations, there remains the lurking spectre of the weekly shopping challenge.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take time and actually enjoy the shopping experience? But that’s not really possible is it? There’s the travel, the scrum, the hauling, the inevitable split bag containing the milk, plus the added frustration of perhaps a disgruntled child.

The weekly shop can be such a trial, indeed an exhausting unwelcome chore after a long demanding week.

So, wise up! Pour yourself a glass of wine, switch on the computer and log in to your favourite supermarket. Browse all the options in the convivial ambiance of your own home.

It really is a no-brainer, click and start to load your online trolley with no intrusion from other anxious shoving shoppers. Absolute bliss!

Suddenly shopping has become a pleasure; sit back, check you’ve got everything on your list and ‘click’, place your order. It will probably be delivered to your door within 24 hours. Time for another glass perhaps?

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  • Chinese Supermarkets

Chinese cuisine,indeed Asian cuisine in general, is becoming increasingly popular. This is understandable especially when you consider the range and quality of Chinese foods; impressive and really quite extraordinary.

However popular the cuisine Chinese supermarkets are not found on every street corner. You’ll more than likely have to travel.

Now this takes us back to the traumas of a ‘physical’ shop as described above! So, stay wise, pour a glass of wine and login.

  • What to look for in an onlineChinese Supermarket

First off you’d be wise to find an Chinese online supermarket in London that is well stocked and has an established trading record of excellence. Establish the company’s credentials;

  1. Are they experienced and knowledgeable?
  2. Can they deliver to your door?
  3. Is their packaging substantial and effective? Especially when it comes to the dispatch of frozen or chilled goods.

Check out their website; for starters, is it easy to navigate? Are all terms and conditions along with prices clearly displayed? Go one step further, give them a call; be reassured as to their helpfulness and professionalism.

  • A recommendation for an online Chinese supermarket in London

There is one outstanding, experienced and customer friendly online supermarket that sets the bench mark in excellence.

And that’s, Asian Foodie!

Here you’ll discover all your requirements, simple and exotic foods and ingredients; noodles, eggs, fish, tofu, butter, sauces, cans of mangos, fresh meats etc. etc. etc.

What’s more Asian Foodie will deliver to your door! They operate their own delivery fleet within certain postcode areas of London. Pop your postcode into the box to see whether you’re within area. If not, don’t fret, Asian Foodie will use a reliable courier to deliver next day!

Go to Asian Foodie website now and pour a glass of wine.

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