5 Items You Should Be Buying in Bulk For Your Restaurant

5 Items You Should Be Buying in Bulk For Your Restaurant

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Running a restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart. Managing expenses versus profits can be difficult, but by purchasing certain things in bulk, you can cut down your expenses without sacrificing quality.


Restaurants, unfortunately, tend to run out of food at times. Through an examination of any sales records that a restaurant has, they should evaluate their largest selling food items then prepare to buy those items in bulk.

Although it is important to not purchase too much food, so that the unused portions do not spoil, purchasing food in bulk will provide both savings and an adequate supply of food for the restaurant’s customers. Around holidays, excess food may be needed to satisfy the increased volumes of traffic that a restaurant will undergo.


Condiments are important to have throughout a restaurant, as they provide customers an additional option to add more flavor to their meals. Unlike normal food items, condiments spoil at a much slower rate. This means that having excess condiments is not too much of a concern, compared to food items.

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There is no excuse to ever run out of napkins. Napkins are items that can be stockpiled for months with no worries of rotting or spoiling. If a restaurant were to purchase too many napkins, then they can always store the excess napkins and decrease their purchase size during later purchases.


It can be somewhat to gauge how much silverware to have in a restaurant. As a basis, each table in the restaurant should have one set per chair at that table. It is important to take into account the silverware that will be used by the chef and other staff during the food preparation process. Like napkins, having excess silverware is not a bad situation. By purchasing silverware in bulk, a restaurant can save money per set.

Janitorial Supplies

Cleanliness is one of the first things that customers observe when they walk into a restaurant, so it is very important that restaurants remain clean at all times. Restaurants tend to quickly run out of cleaning supplies, when attempting to accomplish the task of always being presentable. In fact, cleaning supplies are among one of the least accounted for items that restaurants constantly need to purchase. The amount of traffic that a restaurant receives will directly affect their supply of cleaning items. As a restaurant continues to grow, they will find themselves needing to complete tasks such as cleaning tables or wiping down counters more often. Websites, such as Shop at Dean, offer great deals on janitorial supplies. By maintaining a steady supply of cleaning supplies, a restaurant can assure that they will always be able to maintain a neat environment for customers.